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The new poker software Poker Wizard III.

Poker cards predicting with Holdem Wizard

Includes a FREE Simulator games of Poker.

Holdem Wizard is attached to the table PokerStars

Holdem Wizard

Holdem Wizard Calculator automatically monitors the situation on the table during the entire game and gradually in individual betting rounds serves players information about players and prospects evaluated mathematically opponents.

Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo Wizard

Omaha Wizard Calculator at each stage of the game gives players a detailed overview of the situation on the table. In phase preflop player has to choose a dual input combination assessment cards.

7 Card Stud and Stud Hi/Lo and Razz Wizard

Stud Wizard Calculator that has a perfect memory, 100% concentration and ability in a few milliseconds to calculate all possible combinations. Wizard Stud calculator performs flawlessly all the calculations for the players and the player can fully focus on the style of play of opponents.

Free Poker Simulator

Poker Simulator behaves as a gaming table. The player selects the type of simulator games. This automatically opens the appropriate Assistant window, as in a real game. The player then press the action button simulates each phase of the game.

Download Poker Wizard III with FREE Poker Simulator

Size: 484kb

Last Update: 09-16-2018

Language: English

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Download Hand History Database

When you use the Poker Wizard to play Texas Holdem, you need a database of games. You can create your own or download already prepared the database.

Poker Wizard is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP SP3

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